C3T is a platform for objects and makers, curated by Laura Geurten and Mayken Craenen.

Every few months, we launch a new collection inspired by a certain mood, object or theme. By weaving unexpected links between second-hand treasures, new creations and a wide web of visual references, we try to create a world of our own. Although its exact appearance changes every time, it is always imbued by an intuitive playfulness and an off-beat elegance.

Apart from our personal creative playground, we also want C3T to be a showcase for friends and artists we admire. We don’t only sell some of their existing works, but invite them to explore new horizons together. Therefore, every chapter will contain a unique artist edition that is especially made for and with C3T.

When you buy a C3T product, you directly support the creation of new pieces that otherwise might never see daylight. We promise to keep on exploring and hope you will join us along the road.